Nina Nam Hoang


About Nina Nam Hoang

Hi, Nina here!
I am very glad and excited about having found a new way to make my life more fulfill and meaningful. Although I still have a lot to do about my current situation even more joyful and that every new day will be something to looking forward to being grateful for.

The reason I created this blog is to be able to share my most inner thoughts about life and what I have learned during the time so far. Many of my experiences in who I have become, will be described. I surely will add content about self-development and how to overcome fears of failures. And how it feels to live with a purpose and having huge believing in myself that I can achieve better things without doubts. And the adrenaline kick to experience the progressing.

Who is Nina Nam Hoang?

I was born and raised in Vietnam and my family became political refugees due to the strict way of leading the country by government in 90.s. My parents didn´t believe that in a shorter time in implementing justice and democracy, which is the most important part to create success in society, would arrive. That was the reason they were prepared to leave everything they owned and took a huge risk in seas for not knowing if we could survive the journey to freedom.

After about a couple of months with a lack of food and water and full of fears to pirates, we were finally picked up by the government in HongKong at the last minute of our breath. For having been in a refugee camp isolated in 3 years, the notification came along that Sweden as a developed country which was forwards about many factors in the success and human rights with equal opportunities. This is in term of everyone that wants a better future by hard work can do that. Was ready to welcome us with open arms.

In school, I wasn´t exactly any top student but as someone who always doing homework and leverage on time. I enjoyed my school time more in the lower grades when it comes to having fun with friends and being appreciated by teachers. Up to high- school, I found very hard to take in all of the information from the scientific program I choose at that time. It was very intense for me to have the skills of working fast with massive and compact content.

If I could turn back time, I would have chosen an artistic program, which I believe would be my field of interest. But what do they say, stop thinking about regrets in the past and looking forward? Maybe in the future, there will come an opportunity to do what I am good at and love.

With a lot of difficulties to follow the traditional learning system, I wasn´t pleased with myself. My self-confidence was on the bottom and I had to work with jobs I didn´t enjoy much. Due to having hard in focusing on several things at the same time, I did often seek rewards at the moment to be able to escape reality. But all of this led to misery in my ways of thinking constructive about how I could improve my life instantly.

It took me lots of years to conclude that with a constant healthy routine and good habits in working for something I believe in, will end with rewards later on.

This kind of thinking came to me when I had the opportunity to meet a very driven guy in a physical business with attracting customers for services. Under a conversation, he told me about "The Law of Attraction" which I didn´t know much about then. I only thought it was all about positive thinking and all of your desires and wishes will come true. But now I realize it is more than that. Your personality in terms of attitude and be humble to interact with whatever you do will take you to a higher level of success.

Then he introduced me to listening to Brian Tracy about how to manage the time. I came across a short version of his work called "Eat that frog". This means that you would feel more motivated and productive by doing the most difficult task first. Then all of the working processes will become easier and the thought about procrastination will vanish over time. With regular habits and repeating the task, you wish to manage until you are done. It will prepare you in time to willing to take more of the advanced one and achieve with ease.

Until then all of my condition was about how can I improve in life to become happier with myself for not have to worry about the finance and be able to do things that I was interested in.

I started to look up for opportunities to work from home online and get in attached to a system about setting up websites and promoting other products and earn commissions. But I didn´t receive any results and was very disappointed.

After that, I jumped over to forex trading online but realized very fast that I had to be very smart and owned the ability to interpret many different charts and numbers. I remembered in trading with much of the money I had was about guessing the outcomes of the traders I bought, and I lost big time.

Today my standpoint of view is trying not to quit firstly when it feels a bit challenging or when it doesn´t go your way right away. The best concept, in this case, is to have patience and put all the effort of work in figuring out solutions to problems. For example, when I did my first affiliate marketing, I didn´t have the vision to keep on moving because of not seeing any results. Now I realize that I was just scratching on the surface and there are plenty of other better methods I could use out there.

One of the most successful and famous affiliate influencers said that you better should gather so much as you can the knowledge within your niche and then sharing during learning to others. The real result is laying when you genuinely want to connect with people who are in your targeting market by constantly providing services for their needs. Rather then what you want to achieve in your business, where and when does money flowing in. Then you surely only receiving progress in the short term.

And of course when I did find a way of working on business I like and be passionate about, then my motivation to keep up with the good work, will be sustainable longer. But most of all I have to be myself in the way of impression and how to be creative when laying out the strategies that I feel in my gut is the right one. Due to this I even stand out from the crowd and be remembered. My retargeted audience in so will always be on my side and supporting me in all of my works.

My motto, for now, is "do, learn and share!!!!".

And last but not least sort out for the methods that are working effectively in whatever you do.